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RMS has been servicing clients since 1990. Below are some words from a few of our many satisfied clients.

Ken E.
RMS On-line is the perfect solution for our EDI needs. We were able to get up and running in no time and with the support provided it made the transition quite seamless.

Flora D.
The system is user friendly and the support is 101% helpful all the time.

Akiko U.
Patrice is always there for any kind of questions or helps you need!
Easy to understand and just a few clicks away to get things done :)

Delsie H.
RMS creates a streamlined customer experience.
Great customer support with testing, managing and understanding EDI concepts.

Rebekah A.
Migrated from SPS Commerce to RMS a few months ago. Staff is always so kind and helpful.

Jeanette C.
Our company made an operations transition in April 2015.
Getting an EDI 3rd party to support our ongoing business and new set up can be very challenging.
RMS training headed by Patrice Page was hands-on and attentive to all our questions.
Our migration had been seamless and we were able to conduct our business with no interruptions.

Mark C., Retailer Barney's
Very nice work, great job!



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