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RMS Report Builder Product Preview

The RMS Report Builder is an easy to use report generator that allows quick but very advanced report design.

1. This is the main create / edit program for reports.

RMS REport Builder Preview
2. Wizards are provided for step by step design implementation. This screen shows two of these wizards.
RMS REport Builder Preview
3. Any table in the RMS system can be used to generate the report. You can also have multiple tables data on a single report.
RMS REport Builder Preview
4. The Join Table screen allows many tables to be linked together by various fields.
RMS REport Builder Preview
5. You can also query any of these tables and report data based on the answer table.
RMS REport Builder Preview
6. The fields created by the query can be selected, making it much easier to design your report.
RMS REport Builder Preview
7. Calculations can be added that allow for Sum, Count, Average and several other subtotal features.
RMS REport Builder Preview
8. The group function is used to separate data based on like values within the data.
RMS REport Builder Preview
9. A filter is available to limit the data generated.
RMS REport Builder Preview
10. Sort order is easy to change. Just select and drag the fields to the correct order needed for reporting.
RMS REport Builder Preview
11. The finished report is completed in just a few minutes. These reports can be saved for later use.
RMS REport Builder Preview

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