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New Retailers and Documents

Belk 820 available 08/18/16

Kitchen Collection 856 available 08/18/16

DSW.COM 850, 810, 856, 846, 870 available 06/01/16


The retailer profile on your RMS software will be updated on any normal receive after the available date listed.  Once received you can request the retailer setup.

After this date, you may setup this retailer by using the RMS software and going to
Menu | EDI Send / Receive | Status and Setups | Retailer Setup Request

If you need a UCC-128 label designed for use with this retailer, After you have sent your RMS setup request after the date listed, send an email to Support@RMSOn-Line.com stating the retailer name along with if you print 4 to page or 1 to a page and if you use BarTender or RMS Report to print your UCC-128 labels. Although RMS provides many labels we have  designed free of charge to users, it is not part of our fee based services. We are happy to provide assistance in altering these labels but users are responsible for making modifications to fit their own system and printer environment.

Upcoming Retailers or Documents



Updated Retailer Documents

Neiman Marcus, all requested updates complete for merge to one ID

SteinMart conversion, completed but on hold to late 2016


Retailer News

* Neiman Marcus new store / shipto address requirement 8/27/16

* Macy's has changed some locations to stand alone centers.
Check routing guide.

* Saks DC 91 will change address info on 6/19/2014.
Check the routing guide.


RMS Software Enhancements

Send/Receive with 846 inventory and optional 856/810 sending

Assortment Export for AppMag users

Content item label with assortment items added 05/31/2014

Please contact RMS and we will schedule a time to updated your RMS software for you free of charge.