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RMS EDI Invoicing / ASN Product Preview

When generating invoice and ASN information, the RMS system allows you to use the data the retailer sent on the PO or to manual enter a new Invoice.

1. The VICS BOL can be generated on the screen by clicking the red arrow and Lookup tables are provided throughout, indicated by the ....

RMS EDI Invoicing Preview
2. The item screen is designed for quick input and easy readability.
A Complete Ship button is provide to match the quantity shipping to the quantity ordered.
RMS EDI Invoicing Preview
3. The next step in the process would be to box the items to generate the UCC-128 information.
Several methods are provided to help you box your items.
Notice we even have a scanner option, that can pull data from ScanPal scanner.
RMS EDI Invoicing Preview
4. After the boxing of items is complete, the final step is to print the UCC-128 labels.
You have several ways to pull and print the labels, as shown on this screen. 
RMS EDI Invoicing Preview
5. This screen shows a completed UCC-128 label. RMS provides over 800 labels designed to the retailers specifications.
The user can print using the RMS Reporter or the BarTender software, to either thermal printers or laser printers.
RMS EDI Invoicing Preview