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On this page you will find Contracts for EDI Service and Sales Rep EDI Access.

Service Contract

RMS On-Line Service Contract To start the EDI setup process, simply complete this one page month to month contract.  Make sure to include your DUNS#, if you have one, and also your company UCC ID.  Once we receive this contract we will notify you of the next step in the process.

Download an interactive PDF copy, complete it and fax, mail or email it to RMS On-Line.

Sales Rep Service Contract

RMS On-Line Rep ContractRMS can setup a separate mailbox for users that would like to allow their sales representatives or others access to their order data.  We would provide a copy of the RMS software free to the sales representatives and once installed they could simply receive their vendors order data.  To setup this additional mailbox, please complete the downloadable form.

The sales rep will use a copy of the RMS software to receive and print data. There is no setup charge for this, nor monthly charge for either the vendor or sales rep. If the sales rep needs any assistance in setup or day to day use, RMS will charge $100 an hour for support.

Download an interactive PDF copy, complete it and fax, mail or email it to RMS On-Line.

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